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Specialist services

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Whether it's for yourself or for your business, there may come a time when you need to plan for a future change or to tackle an unexpected 'one-off' event. Our experienced team can provide specialist help with:

Business planning
Salary sacrificing

Your business is a major asset, so see how you can protect it day-to-day and realise it's full future value.


Learn about tax-effective strategies you can use to maximise your super for the retirement you want.


Social security/Centrelink

Whatever your future plans after a retrenchment or redundancy, we can help you make the most of the monies you receive.


We can help you maximise your chances of qualifying for the Age Pension and talk to you about the wide range of other benefits and allowances.


Important Information
Financial Wisdom is responsible for financial planning advice provided by me as an Authorised Representative. Please refer to the Financial Services Guide (FSG) for the scope of my authority under Financial Wisdom. Financial Wisdom is not affiliated with nor does it endorse other business activities conducted by me.